In July, of 2013, Cynthia Manley released her most recent dance record. A cover of the classic tune, CAN’T TAKE MY EYES OFF OF YOU. With Paul Goodyear producing, she has another record garnering attention from dance floors and radio waves around the world. 2013 also found Cynthia nominated for 2 EOTM awards, BEST DANCE RECORD and BEST DANCE ARTIST. This, on the steps of the book, FIRST LADIES OF DISCO, released in June, in which Cynthia has a chapter, have added up to a busy year for a woman who has been staying busy in the music industry for 35 years.

In 1987, Cynthia joined Voss Records and the Flamingo Orkestra band, on a Tito Jackson production of STAND. This song, charted on Billboard’s Hot 100 pop chart and the video was played around the world on VH1.

By 1990, the digital age was upon us and Cynthia anticipated the trend of "Do It Yourself" CD's. She wrote and produced four CD's, including a Christmas CD. Among these compositions, four songs were placed in movies and added to her resume.

In 1981, Cynthia Manley hit the American dance music community like a lightning bolt. With the support of Bill Motley’s productions, Moby Dick Record's ground breaking marketing concepts , and surrounded by the Boys Town Gang, she helped to re-vitalize a whole genre of music. This team warranted Cynthia 4 top 10 dance records including the #1 classic hit “Ain't No Mountain High Enough”, between 1981 and 1986, until Bill Motley passed.

“Everybody Dance”, caught the attention of Scott Kessler who produced a video to this song, Cynthia had composed with a talented team, united by Christian deWalden, in 2004, in Fiugi, Italy. They wrote 10 songs in 10 days, and produced 4. The song caught the ear of the M.S. for the movie HEELS. In early 2010, that deal was sealed.

She went theatrical when she played Janis Joplan in a one woman play, filled with songs throughout. This project, with Will Manus, was a critical and financial success.

As a back ground singer, Cynthia is the “contractor” (she assembles the teams) for the BABES OF BLUES. In this capacity, she has added her voice to 15 internationally recognized, and honored, blues records (details on website)

In April of 2009, Cynthia met producer Jamie Lewis, while performing in Zurich, Switzerland. They “clicked” and decided to write and produce a record together. She went back to Switzerland in September 2009 when they recorded the master. Their composition “GIVE” is an uplifting, inspiring dance song, reflecting the knowledge and experience of this gifted team. GIVE was released on PURPLE MUSIC in April of 2010. In June of 2011, this team released their next creation, SUNSHINE HOTEL. This record garnered them lots of attention and chart action, including gold medal skater, Ryan Wilcox, skating/performing to their record, in competitions worldwide !

Cynthia has supported an exciting life as an entertainer since she was 17. She has performed in a variety of venues such as: “5 star” hotels in foreign lands like Muscat, Oman and Beijing, China. She was thrilled to do military tours, in the war zones of Baghdad, Bosnia, Kosovo and Iraq. She’s performed arenas on 2 tours of Japan, 7 European tours, and 3 tours of Brazil. When she isn’t touring, Cynthia performs in bars in the Greater Southern California area, where she works with her band. You can count on Cynthia to give 100% and she has always proclaimed that the “live” performances are why she’s in the business!

One thing is sure, Cynthia will NEVER QUIT. She is a tireless force of nature. Her live performances glow with the love she feels for people and her art form. If you want to be entertained, find Cynthia somewhere in the world, spreading her own brand of love, and ENJOY!


"Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You" by Cynthia Manley
Produced by Paul Goodyear
Backing Vocals by Jessica Williams & Joyce Vincent

Video Concept and Edit by Glenn Rivera
Produced by Ken Emmons


In January of 2013, Cynthia was contacted Jim Arena, to do an interview for his upcoming book, FIRST LADIES OF DISCO. This book includes interviews from 30 dance music divas , from all over the world, and Cynthia is one of them. It is due out in mid-June, and has been on Amazon's MOST RECOMMENDED top 10 list since it was introduced to them in early April.


Left: Mo' Kelly, Pattie Brooks, Rick Gianatos, Suzi Lane and Cynthia Manley)

In Aug., 2013, Cynthia will find out if she carries home the statues for 2 EOTM AWARDS. She is nominated for BEST INDIE FEMALE DANCE ARTIST and BEST SONG-SUNSHINE HOTEL, DANCE.Once again Cynthia finds herself in world class company and is excited to be a part of this celebration of entrepreneurship.


Merry Christmas, 2013 !!

I don't know about you guys, but this last year just flew buy ! It is beyond belief that it is Christmas again, but it is, so HO-HO-HO !!!


This Sunday, 12/22, Geoff Pearlmann, Frank Scarpelli, and Lynn Coulter will join me in Ventura, at Billy Os, from 4-8, for some music, dancing and friendship celebrating !! We would love for you to come join us. WE promise not to do Christmas tunes all afternoon, but we may throw in some old favorites. Billy Os supports live music and has been very good to us, trying to build this gig into something that can last and be productive for us all. Please come out for a cocktail or 2 and your favorite song request, and participate in our party. Wouldn't we just LOVE to continue with this gig throughout 2014 !!

It is difficult to put into words how important you are in my life path. LIVE performances has always been why I stuck with this business, in spite of all the blood shed and treachery. Regardless of the challenges, sticking with a business that eats up children, YOU GUYS MAKE IT WORTH IT. When I get to spend 4 hours singing and strutting, my life is complete, and I would never get this opportunity if not for your support. Thank you so much for continuing to come to our shows, for your friendship and understanding, and financial investment into entertainment. Every time you buy a drink, or a piece of pizza, at a club that supports "live" music, you are supporting. Thank you.

God bless you and keep you safe and in good health.
Hope to see you Sunday !!
Respect and good will




Photo Shoot: Charlo Fortier, Pattie Brooks, Cynthia Manley & Kim Yarbrough

Watch for Upcoming News Soon!

December 22
Sunday 4:00 to 8:00 pm
Billy O's Restaurant & Saloon
2819 E. Main Street
Ventura CA
805 652-0327


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